To make a successful career, obe must deploy work place-self rules to help him/her navigate through the day and be able to accomplish all important tasks of the day. 
Here are some of these rules for those who are hired as well as the self employed.
  1) Wake up early and always be on time at your work place. This will help you plan well your day and be able to prioritize on tasks hence deliver results as expected. 
2) There is a difference between working hard and working smart. Choose to work smartly. The end justfies the means. 
3) Step out for Lunch, you deserve a healthy life style. It is important to get an hour out of your desk to re- energies yourself.
4) Avoid Postponement of tasks. Keep your to-do list and follow it religiously. Postponement of tasks will lead you to a pilled workload as a result poor performance. 
5) Always remember, there is  importance in Work- life Balance. Hence, finish your work early, go home, spend time with your family. In the end we work and toil for them