Here are things you need to know about recruitment agencies. 
  • 1) They work for employers and not for candidates. For recruitment agencies, candidates are commodities that employers go and buy. Hence, employers are the ones who determines the person who is called for an interview and who gets hired. 
  • 2) There are 99% chances that they will give you an aptitude test to determine your capabilities before they send you to an employer. This is because research shows that candidates who are good at aptitude test are also good at work. 
  • 3) They are not experts of the subject matter. Most recruiters are not experts of the positions they are recruiting for. Hence, your confidence on what you know is what can get you across to the employers.
  • 4)They mostly evaluate you on soft skills. As I said earlier they are not experts of subject matter only they can do is interview you on soft skills and relate your cv to the position the employer has and then leave the technical part for the employer. 
  • 5) They will not tell you the company they are interviewing for unless they are sure that you are a qualified candidate for the role.
Therefore, if you are called for an interview with a recruitment agency, do not be afraid, sharpen your soft skills, practice aptitude test and be sure on your confidence. Aim at being invited to meet the employer.