According to secrion (14) the Employment and Labour relations Act, 2004. There are three (3) types of contracts with an employee
a) A contract for an unspecified period of time
b) A contract for a specified period of time for professionals and managerial cadre
d) A contract for specified tasks
As per section (15) of of the same law, an employer is requred to supply an employee, when the employee commences employment with the following particulers in writting;
i) Name, age, permanent adress and sex of the employee
ii) Place of recruitment
iii) Job description
iv) Date pf commencement
v) Form and duration of the contract
vi) Place of work
vii) Hours of work
viii) Remuneration, the method of its calculation, and details of any benefits or payments in kind  and,
ix) Any other prescibed matter
The same section requres employers to explain these written statment of particulers to employees in a manner that they will understand.